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Pharmacies & Clinics

Clic Santé offers an online appointment management solution designed for modern pharmacy practices.

Clic Santé provides efficient scheduling of professional services and automates patient appointment management.

With Clic Santé the public can book appointments online free of charge without the need or cost of staff intervention.

Clic Santé generates time and efficiency savings that translate into better customer service and improved responsiveness from the pharmacy to client needs.

About Clic Santé

Automatic Appointment Management

Appointment booking is automatic with Clic Santé. This includes:

Confirmation reminders.

Vaccination reminders.

Drug therapy follow-ups.

All general pharmacy services and care.

Management & Security

Customizable access-to-services criteria.

User-friendly managing for single-owner pharmacy groups/banners.

Care trajectory management & prioritizing the health and safety of vulnerable clients.

Auto-triage function based on clients’ health.


Clic Santé generates predictive data that enables pharmacists to anticipate and pre-manage shortages or surpluses in resources.


Clic Santé is a self-deploying solution that can be implemented in a single pharmacy within a few days or within a large group or corporate entity across a vast territory within a few weeks.